Henry Ford Community College

by Ernest Grotsky


Henry Ford Community College (HFCC) in Dearborn, Michigan, is recognized as an institution that gives students of all backgrounds the solid foundations they need to pursue paths in higher education. Dedicated to ensuring its students’ success, Henry Ford Community College offers a host of programs to choose from and resources for academic, professional, and personal achievement. HFCC understands that paying for college is a stressful and difficult process for many people, and offers a tuition freeze to minimize that burden: If the cost of education at HFCC rises after a student’s first semester, the student will continue to pay their original rate. Additionally, HFCC’s coursework is carefully designed. Attendees can rest assured that the credits they earn at Henry Ford Community College will transfer to the four-year institution of their choice. In addition to HFCC’s promises of cost-efficiency and course-transfer, the institution’s broad catalogue of academics fosters numerous possibilities for students, with more than 100 programs to explore. Whether students are interested in creative or professional paths, Henry Ford Community College offers the coursework and resources to pursue their dreams. HFCC is focused on the support of its students. In addition to a variety of educational paths, available to pupils are private mentoring and tutoring, online resources, and many student organizations designed to foster community. All HFCC classes are taught in small numbers so that students and professors maintain close and beneficial relationships, and specialized study plans are encouraged. With so many options, Henry Ford Community College is the right choice for any individual who wishes to embark on a successful college career.