Jim Collins

By: Ernest Grotsky

As an entrepreneur and businessman, I maintain a great appreciation for the insightful written work of Jim Collins, an author who keenly delves into the complex topic of corporate success. Focusing his scholarly exploration on the qualities that set great companies apart from their mediocre counterparts, Collins applies his knowledge base in a truly unique manner. Recognized as one of the foremost experts in his field, Collins has invested over a decade into researching methodologies for establishing and running a successful business. Graduating from Stanford University with degrees in mathematical science and business administration, Jim Collins moved on to serve as a faculty member at Stanford Graduate School of Business, garnering the institution’s Distinguished Teaching Award in 1992. Three years later, Collins took on a new challenge, establishing a think tank in Boulder, Colorado. Today, Collins utilizes this management laboratory as a research and teaching venue, educating the senior executives and CEOs of more than 100 corporations. In addition to his activities at the Boulder think tank, Collins lends his expertise to numerous other social and government organizations. The Girl Scouts of the USA, the Leadership Network of Churches, and the American Association of K-12 School Superintendents are among the many groups that have benefited from Collins’ innovative work. Additionally, Collins has provided Johns Hopkins University Medical School and the United States Marine Corps with tools and information to maximize resources and streamline organizational functions. Contributing articles to high profile publications such as BusinessWeek, the Harvard Business Review, Fortune magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Fast Company, Collins boasts distinction as a bestselling author with work translated into 29 languages. A few Jim Collins books that I recommend include Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… And Others Don’t; Built to Last; and How the Mighty Fall: Why Some Companies Never Give In.