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The History of USO, Inc., by Ernest Grotsky

Dedicated to improving the spirits of America’s troops and their families, USO, Inc., has provided support to soldiers since 1941. During the start of World War II, a number of groups emerged to assist people fighting overseas. To supplement entities such as the Salvation Army, the Young Women’s Christian Association, and the National Jewish Welfare Board, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt formed the United Services Organization, more commonly known as the USO.

Concentrating on emotional support and entertainment, the USO conducted its first camp shows in 1941. Six years later, President Harry S. Truman ended the program and gave it an honorable discharge. In 1951, it was restarted to aid troops involved in the Korean War. Consistently active since then, the USO has adapted to meet soldiers’ evolving needs. During the 2000s, it developed programs such as USO Care Package, USO Operation Phone Home, and USO2GO to respond to those fighting in the War on Terror.

About the Author:

Involved in the construction industry for nearly three decades, Ernest Grotsky is a State of Florida Certified Building Inspector, a General Contractor for the State of Florida, and a Licensed Contractor for Palm Beach County. In charitable activities, Grotsky donates to the USO.