A Look at the American Concrete Institute By Ernest Grotsky

American Concrete Institute pic
American Concrete Institute
Image: concrete.org

By the dawn of the 20th century, concrete had become an essential and increasingly popular construction material, but it lacked a unifying body of standards. Municipal Engineering editor Charles C. Brown recognized the importance of the material and the dangers of not maintaining order and control in its development and utilization. In 1904, Brown and several other professionals created the first association for concrete block manufacturers, and in 1913, it adopted the name American Concrete Institute.

Over the past century, the American Concrete Institute has overseen numerous initiatives that have improved the product. Its journals and newsletters print the latest information on materials research, structural analysis, and design. The twice-yearly conventions allow individuals to meet with leaders in concrete technology and learn about their innovations. Additionally, the American Concrete Institute offers accreditation to supervisors, inspectors, technicians, and craftsmen.

About the Author:

The former President of Construction Systems, Ernest Grotsky spent 15 years overseeing the West Palm Beach contracting firm and expanded its staff by a factor of 12 during his tenure. Grotsky belongs to the American Concrete Institute.