Reasons to Hire a Design-Build Contractor

Design-Build Contractor pic
Design-Build Contractor

Ernest Grotsky, a contractor with more than three decades of experience, lists three reasons why the design-build model works. Most recently, Ernest Grotsky worked as Senior Project Manager at CB Richard Ellis, Inc., in Washington, D.C., where he was responsible for managing the design and build-out process.

A Single Source
The typical contracting process requires a client to hire an architect, finalize the design, bid the project to a builder, and then the client works as a middleman themselves to ensure the end product is what they hoped for from the beginning. Having one company work on the same project from start to finish allows for better quality control, more accountability when things do not go as planned, and eliminates part of the tedious bidding process.

Price Control
Having one company bid for the whole project helps to keep the project within the client’s budget. Since all of the expenses go through the same organization, it is easier to record and manage costs throughout the whole process and encourages honesty during the bidding process.

Improved Communication
After working though many customer scenarios, it became apparent that having a single source working on the design process and the build process makes communication with the client easier. There is no third party with their own set of ideas confusing the process, and the customer and contractor can go back and forth singularly to create a product that satisfies both parties.